Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Be a Hero with Zero Code - Build Enterprise Apps 10x, 20x Faster

K-Rise Zero-Code Cloud: Low-Code Application Development Platform
A Superhero of Zero Code in the Cloud - Forrester and Gartner have found that Low Code Application Platforms deliver enterprise applications 10x to 20x faster 

Meanwhile... in the Customer Service Center…

The phones are ringing and your team is busy helping customers. It's all good, right? But when you log into your CRM dashboard, you see that calls are up yet sales are down this month. It's February, and you're in danger of having a 'soft' 1st quarter. What's going on? What are you missing?

The next morning, you call the team in for a quick meeting to find out what's going on. You show the stats month over month, you ask the questions, and then step back as the wave of complaints flood the meeting room - not from your team, but from your customers through your team. Apparently your customers are tying up your phones because they are looking for important information/feature/function not found on your e-commerce site and the only way they can get help is to call your reps. 

But wait...